Discover 5 easy and practical yoga exercises!

Discover 5 easy and practical yoga exercises!

The yoga should not be a difficult practice. This morning when you wake up, if you have stretched your arms above your head, then you have already had a yoga pose. Many basic yoga poses will feel very familiar to you, even if your last gym class was a few years ago. To do this we offer you, in the following lines, some easy and practical yoga exercises. Learn more about yoga and meditation from 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India.

These 5 easy and practical yoga exercises will help you stretch and strengthen your major muscle groups. You can for example try to do them a few minutes in the morning before leaving the house. Check out our tips below and try this easy and convenient yoga exercise program .

5 easy and practical yoga exercises

5 easy and practical yoga exercises:

Tadasana pose

5 easy and practical yoga exercises
Just because this pose is simple enough doesn’t mean it will be easy to do. Bringing new awareness to a posture that you think you can experience can be very difficult. This is the tadasana pose , which barely boils down to standing.

In the context of yoga, however, there is a lot going on in this position. The heels are stretched, the leg muscles are closed, the bones are paired with the shoulders directly over the hips, with the head turned upwards. Remember to breathe!

Urdhva hastasana posture

5 easy and practical yoga exercises urdhva-hastasana

Inhale and bring your arms back above your head. This can be a basic routine in the morning when you wake up, while still focusing on maintaining the correct alignment you have established with the mountain position.

Stand firm on your heels and keep your shoulders away from your ears as you reach your fingers. Your gaze may follow your hands, which may be forward, shoulder-width apart, or upward, with the palms of the hands touching.

Uttanasana pose

5 easy and practical yoga exercises uttanasana

Exhale and bend your legs forward. If the muscles in the back of the thigh seem a bit strained at first, bend the knees to release the spine. Let the head begin to weigh. Slowly straighten your legs if desired, but keep your head hanging down. The feet can touch each other or stay away from the hip, which will be best for you.

Malasana posture

5 easy and practical yoga exercises malasana

Move your feet to the edges of your mat and bend your knees doing a squat. If your heels don’t reach the floor, put a rolled up blanket under your feet.

It is a fairly natural posture for children , but quite complicated for adults. This is great for the hips and for countering the effects of constantly sitting in a chair or in a car. It is also a very useful position if you like gardening.

Sadhguru teach yoga and meditation in a very helpful manner. Easy to learn and practice.

Paschimottanasana posture

5 easy and practical yoga exercises paschimottanasana

As you exhale, bring your torso back onto your legs in a forward bend. Work the breath by lengthening the spine with each breath and deepening the forward flexion with each exhale. So stay for five breaths, keeping your feet well flexed.

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