10 reasons why traveling is the best way to learn (and why life without it would be boring)

10 reasons why traveling is the best way to learn (and why life without it would be boring)

If you still need reasons … each one is enough to book a flight!

1. Traveling is discovering

People; we are a diverse species, happily inhabiting almost every corner of the world. We have all grown in different ways, in unique cultures and traditions, on a national and local scale. Traveling around the world means discovering unknown, interesting cultures, learning old customs and beliefs, and learning about people’s lives in different environments.


2. Traveling is sightseeing

Climb the mountain tops to enjoy the unforgettable view, stroll through the winding, cobbled streets, looking for hidden cafes, discover the rich architecture and historic churches. Each place is unique and just waiting for you to discover it. And that means all the luggage of various memories for the collection.

3. Traveling is an unforgettable feeling

At some point you will feel a mix of excitement, fear, joy, homesickness and contentment. Traveling can be a real roller coaster, in a positive sense. Once you taste your travels and feel the call of adventure, exploring a new city, your soul and heart will demand more.

4. Traveling is independence

Traveling is a unique experience. You leave the family nest and learn to take care of yourself, solve problems and survive, and that you are ready for anything that life will bring you. You are strong and you will definitely manage!

5. Traveling means meeting new people

Building relationships among other travelers, your friends from a language course or a host family will not only enrich your experience, but will help you build a unique network of contacts. Put your effort into meeting new people, you never know what it can lead to (and besides, making friends with 10 people around the world will give you an excuse to continue traveling!).

6. Traveling to understanding

When you eat tapas with locals in Barcelona, ​​help protect sea turtles that lay eggs on a beach in Costa Rica or cost a quick life in New York, you become part of a group of people who see the world in a different way. You have experienced things so different from the place where you grew up and see that every country and every community is unique. You understood that differences make people so interesting, although laughter, shared memories or values ​​remind us that, in fact, we are all alike.

7. Traveling is learning

Language courses abroad are a fantastic way to combine travel with learning, especially learning a new language. Experts agree that one of the fastest ways to achieve language proficiency is to travel abroad; immersion in language makes learning take on quality and speed.

8. Traveling is communication

You are used to talking in your native language, but traveling means real communication. You will learn a new language much faster than in your hometown if you speak to locals in their native language every day. You will quickly learn how to express your needs using gestures, facial expressions and local colloquialisms, not just expressions from the textbook.

9. Traveling is demanding

Traveling to a place where you haven’t been before can bring mixed emotions, but also a lot of satisfaction. Set a goal for you. e.g. tango in Buenos Aires or a stroll under blooming cherry blossoms in Tokyo and look for information on how you can achieve your goal. It’s like arranging a puzzle, difficult at first, but the effect is breathtaking.

10. Traveling is …

… in addition to being able to acquire academic knowledge, traveling is a fantastic way to get to know yourself. And living abroad gives you confidence. Frequent traveling will allow you to answer the age-old question: “who am I?” and “what does he want to do with his life?” And this will help you build the future.

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